My hubby even builds his own scaffolding

See those two wooden contraptions among the other building accoutrements in our back yard?  They’re part of Matt’s DIY scaffolding solution (while not in use, of course).  Build ‘em, use ‘em, then take ‘em apart and use the wood again for something else.  Cheap and zero waste.  I love it! 

When he uses them, there is additional bracing, as seen here:

As you can probably tell from the photos, ours is a single story house, so Matt was able to install the siding on the front and back of the house without needing anything more than a short ladder.  Both sides are finished now, which means that the siding project is almost completed!  Matt did the entire thing pretty much by himself.  I am so proud!

Now we will have to decide on a paint color.  And actually paint the house.  When one project ends, another begins.


A New Jacket: the Insulation/Windows/Siding Project.

We’re deep into this project now.  Originally we were just going to replace our single-pane aluminum windows by cutting around them and kluging together a weatherizing solution.  Trim was going to replace siding around the perimeter of the windows.  But pretty much the day I was going to dive in, my subconscious thoughts must have decided to revolt and I proceeded to spend the day convincing Kelly it was time to actually insulate our house, replace the siding, and weatherize the windows properly.  I didn’t have to do much of a sell because I think Kelly had already concluded this was the best good option (at least she wanted me to pull off the siding to get the weatherization right).  For me, I was really looking forward to not creating lead dust everywhere. 

Here are some shots from early on.

Despite being outdated, the siding on the N/W/E walls was all in pretty good shape with the exception of the bit above the garage (not shown).  The south-side was looking pretty bad (darn, not sure if I have a picture of that).

Edit: I found a pic of the south exterior wall.  The siding everywhere else looked much better, but I’m still excited about having all new siding (and no brick on the front)!  -Kelly

I finally caved on tearing down the brick wall. Kelly always wanted it gone but it took some convincing for me to commit.  But once I did, the big pry bar and wheel barrow helped me make short work of it. 

And once I had it piled up in the front yard, it was practically just the next day by which Kelly had found a Freecycler to take it off our hands. Once I had the siding and builder’s paper off I popped out the window and covered it with plastic sheeting inside and out.  Later I decided that removing the soffit would allow me to really weatherize the windows properly.

Then I removed small sections of the sheathing.  I quickly realized I didn’t need to take each rung off in order to insulate.  But before insulating, it was clear that this was a great opportunity to decommission old outlets in the exterior wall and run wire for new ones.

Insulating went pretty smoothly.  The insulation came encased in plastic which serves as a vapor barrier.  For bays between studs that are 16” on center it’s a snap to get it in.  Smaller bays necessitate some trimming down of the pieces (there’s a better word I can’t think of right now) so that the insulation is a couple of inches wider than the bay.  My neighbor lent me a nail gun and compressor which made putting the sheathing back on go quickly.

Tomorrow I’ll get a shot of this wall with the new window and weather barrier/housewrap (Tyvek) on and will provide a good opportunity to get into the prepwork details that must be addressed before for the siding goes on.