Productivity is relative

This past weekend, we had a packed schedule and didn’t devote a whole lot of time to working on our house projects until Sunday evening when Matt started moving all our bedroom furniture around in preparation for some major changes I’ll tell you about later.  We did much more socializing with more people in that one weekend than we normally do in two weeks.  That could make me feel like we didn’t accomplish anything, but I think we were actually very productive in different ways.

On Saturday, Matt took the dogs to the park while I cleaned up the house. We gave the dogs a quick bath before my friend Lauren came over to do a little sewing (in honor of the hands-on skills workshops we decided to skip that day, and just for fun).  Lauren is making a really cool quilt, and I tried to get my sewing mojo back and make progress on some stuff I’ve been wanting to make for the dogs.  Is it weird that at least half of my sewing projects lately are for my dogs?  Oh well.  My cousin Rachel came over to join us.  We planned future sewing get-togethers and talked about plans for the baby shower they’re so awesomely planning for us.  Next stop: dinner invite at Sarah & Arnie’s.  Dinner was fabulous, we got to hang out with our friends, and we also got to see one of our favorite kitties, Buster.  Isn’t he gorgeous?  Don’t you think he should be in commercials or something?

Sunday was another whirlwind.  I slept in a little, then headed over to Jeff & Teri’s for a visit and to pick up a whole bunch of baby supplies they are passing along to us.  I just love free stuff!  Save money and resources, reduce waste.  It just makes so much sense, especially with baby things that only get used for a few months per child.  It was a great excuse to see them and their adorable 18-month-old daughter too.  I rushed home, grabbed the dogs for another romp at the dog park, came home, grabbed Matt and took off for our first childbirth class.  We’ll be doing that every Sunday afternoon for 7 weeks.

So while the house projects were on the back burner for most of the weekend, I feel like it was very productive in terms of spending time with wonderful people, getting the dogs exercised and bathed, and continuing to make progress on getting prepared for baby - both physically and mentally.  It feels great to be productive, especially when we get to have fun doing it.


Fence Project (ancillary benefits)

A great thing about this project, building the fence, is that in the process of tearing down the the old one and clearing some of the landscape for the new one, resources that I need for caring for the yard (mulch) and building raised beds/chicken coop/kennel (old fence slats and 2x4s) have been generated in spades.  Best thing, I didn’t have to pay anything for reusing these materials.

Before I could get going with the fence, I had some clearing to do.  Some trees and their branches were totally in the way of the the planned fenceline.  Others needed some serious pruning to the point that topping seemed to be the only economic and easy solution to getting them back into shape.  But holding off until after the fence was built would have made the job trickier—the fence would have been at great risk of getting smashed up by falling branches.

The most challenging branch, actually the trunk.

My neighbor lent me his electric chainsaw.  Nice and light, surprisingly tough, and small enough to work in small places.

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