I built this queen sized bed frame last March amid a flurry of pre-baby’s-arrival (Emmett) projects.  

Total cost approx. $125.

Kelly’s criteria: (1) replace a bare-bones steel bed frame that wasn’t attractive or stationary, (2) not make the top of the bed be too high, and (3) be solid.

Matt’s criteria: (1) give us more storage (underneath the bed), (2) cost less than an IKEA bed, and (3) not take too long to build (like <8 hours).

Materials: dimensional 4x6”, 2x4”, 1x4”, and 1x10” lumber; lag bolts, washers, various screws, framing nails, and finish nails; felt with adhesive (for underneath legs to prevent scratching the floor)

Tools: Framing nail gun/compressor (I also used a hammer which easily could have been used instead of the nail gun), compound saw, drill, and driver-drill

Key Features: component design for ease of assembly and possible dis-assembly; stout legs recessed from bed edge; **IMHO the legs/support system are slick.