Seattle Hands On Skills Fair

Sustainable Northeast Seattle is hosting the second annual Hands On Skills Fair.  We attended last year with our friends Lauren and Barrett, and we all loved it.  Between the four of us, we learned some container gardening tips, how to make cheese, ideas for clothing repurposing, water cistern installation, and Tai Chi basics; plus made soap and bread, and got to spend time together.  It was free last year, but this year there is a cost of $15 which covers the whole day of whichever workshops you like.  Matt is considering attending this year, but is also really excited about various house projects and may decide to work on those instead.  Lauren and I were considering going but I think we’re going to skip it because we have other commitments and can’t attend the whole day, and we also feel like we already attended most of the workshops we really wanted to last year.  We may practice some hands-on skills independently in honor of the day.  

For Seattle folks who didn’t attend last year, I highly recommend it.  The event was well organized and attended, and there was a great sense of community.  If you want to go, make sure you register soon to save your place for your favorite workshops before they fill up.  And if you don’t live here, maybe you can create an event like this in your community.  


Local Hands On skills workshops

I mentioned Sustainable NE Seattle’s day of Hands On Skills Workshops in my last post.  Matt and I attended on Saturday and so did a couple of our friends.  I was inspired with some new ideas about reusing/repurposing clothing and reviewed the basics of electricity and small appliances (my philosophy is you cannot review electricity too much if you’re working with it).  Lauren and I also learned (or in her case, reviewed) how to make cheese, got some great tips for container gardening, and learned some basic Tai Chi movements.  Matt learned how to install a water cistern and peeked into cheese class.  Lauren also made a delicious loaf of bread that we dug into before the day was done.  Her husband Barrett made a huge block of rosemary soap and then joined us for Tai Chi.  Matt wasn’t feeling well and went home early, but we all still had fun and learned some valuable skills. 

What a great event!  It was well organized and well attended.  Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered their time to organize the event and to share their skills and knowledge with their neighbors!  Does this exist in other cities?  Do you have something like Transition Seattle?