Plumbing, panel, paint

We are all over the map right now.  Today the tankless water heater AND the Mantis fireplace insert were installed.  Actually, finally, completely installed and in operation!  Well, the fireplace isn’t much in operation because it’s summer, but it could be.  We had to check a whole bunch of things off our list before that could happen.  It took a while to get it all done, but we did it!  Since the old water heater is inside our house and the new one will be attached to an outside wall, Matt had to reroute some plumbing underneath the house.  Then we had the county inspector come by to check out the new water piping along with the gas piping put in by our heating contractor a while back.  Everything passed with flying colors. 

We also passed the city “cover inspection” for the new electrical circuits, but I learned of a couple of things I have to do before the final inspection: add a whole new circuit for the washing machine (thought I could get away with it since the circuit it’s on has almost nothing else) and replace ALL my receptacles (AKA outlets, or "holes" according to Slippery Pete) with tamper resistant ones.  Seattle adopted this code change right after I started doing electrical work in our house.  My previous permit was subject to the old code, but my current permit is subject to the new code.  Go figure. 

Meanwhile, the inspector only looked at the panel for a brief moment.  I guess she found the rest of my work so stellar (aside from that tamper resistant outlet oversight) that she trusted it would be good, and a quick look was sufficient to confirm?  Well, I gotta show it to someone besides Matt.  I spent a lot of time working on the electrical wiring and whatnot.  I have a total of 7 new circuits in effect, and I hope to have replaced virtually all of the wiring in the house by next year.

Over the weekend, we also did the following random things:

  • Matt assembled our new Manstad sofa which we ordered and had delivered because they didn’t have it in stock when we were at the store the previous weekend.  This required us to rearrange our entire living room, something we’d been planning to do for a very long time.  We are extremely pleased with the new arrangement.  Photos coming soon.
  • I finished setting the tile around the window in the shower.  The window has been there for something like 10 months with a sheet of plastic covering most of the wall because I kept procrastinating finding more important things to do.  Now all I have to do is grout and caulk.  I will tell you all about it later.  With photos. 
  • Tried unsuccessfully to make a final decision on a paint color for the outside of our house.  In fact, today I went in the opposite direction and purchased three new paint samples to consider in addition to the ones already on the house:

They’re just not doing it for me.  Here are a few pics I snapped around the neighborhood for inspiration:

Maybe one of the new samples will be the one.  If we can get our house painted soon, we will be ready for fall/winter!