Apple socks

Matt planted two little apple trees in our yard this spring.  One is columnar and I can’t remember what kind of apples it grows.  The other is a Pink Lady, my favorite! 


The Pink Lady (on the right) has grown a lot but doesn’t have any apples growing yet.  It had flowers, so we’re not sure whether it needs some help with pollination.  We have plenty of flowers and bees, and Matt thought the two trees planted on opposite sides of the back yard were close enough to cross-pollinate.  I just read online that you need different varieties to pollinate each other, but that some varieties are sterile and cannot pollinate other trees.  We’ll have to look into that.  The columnar has two little apples, which is pretty amazing considering two months ago it looked like this.

Our yard and gardens are organic, and I didn’t want our two lonely apples to be ruined by any of the various insects that would just love to make their homes inside.  I didn’t see any little holes in them, so hopefully that means no one has moved in yet.  Some people protect apples by covering them individually with paper bags or nylon socks.  I decided to use an old pair of stockings.  I tied knots in each leg every few inches, then cut them.


As for how to secure the socks to the apples in a way that would not hurt their stems but also not allow any room for insects to get in, inspiration came from an unlikely source.  We’ve been semi-obsessively watching The Wire, and for some reason the way Bodie often wears his do rag with the ties loose seemed like the perfect model for apple socks.  Is that weird?  I cut some ties into my nylon socks. 


The juxtaposition of these photos is so ridiculous; I love it.

Worked like a charm.  I hope they grow safely in their socks and we’ll each have one delicious snack in a couple months.