I am really loving Pinterest.  It’s a set of online bulletin boards.  Any image I find online that I want to save (i.e., things that “interest” me), I “pin” onto one of my boards with a little comment.  It stays linked to the source from which it was pinned, so I can always go back and see the context.  Pinterest users can peruse each others’ boards and re-pin images.  It’s great for collecting little bits of inspiration as I find them, and I think it’s also helping me see what kinds of things I’m drawn to.

The other day, Matt and I were discussing whether to tile our fireplace surround when we re-tile the hearth (more on that soon).  We already knew we wanted to build some kind of facade out of wood to cover most of the brick, but we weren’t envisioning the same dimensions.  So I brought up my Pinterest “house interior” board and we looked at a few photos of fireplaces I collected over the last few weeks.  We talked about which features we each like and don’t like, and we came up with a plan that works for both of us.  You can probably make a good guess about what we’re going to do with the hearth by looking at my pins.  Bonus: we are planning to use the same material by our front door.  What is it?  Stay tuned…