Fireplace installed! Mostly!

Our new Mantis fireplace insert is mostly installed (by pros -see why here) and has passed the mechanical inspection.  They’ll finish it up when they come back to install the tankless water heater.  Next week we’ll have our DIY electrical work for the fireplace and water heater inspected.  Once our water heater is installed, we’ll have to have the plumbing and gas piping inspected (for some reason this is at the county level, while electrical and mechanical are at the city level) and then have the gas company unlock our meter so we can start using our new appliances.  Exciting!

Matt has already given some info on the plumbing updates he’s doing

I will fill in some more info about the electrical work later, but here’s a little preview of the process to put in an electrical outlet in the fireplace:

See that generic tile hearth that so common in houses of the 1950’s?  I really do not care for it.  It’s so blah.  We were planning to replace the hearth someday.  Like, not right now, because there’s a ton of other stuff we’re trying to get done.  Apparently due to our fireplace’s geometry and the shape of the insert, it has to stick out somewhat and sit on the hearth (as seen in the top photo).  That means we either need to replace the hearth now (i.e., before the fireplace installation is finalized), or wait and do it later but pull out the insert which would mean disconnecting the gas and vent pipes and then having to reconnect them (ourselves or bring our installers back?), which would be kind of a pain and just not ideal.  So we need to think about that.  I’ve already mostly settled on using slate tile, but color/pattern/sizing would still need to be picked out not to mention doing the work.  Ack.  These projects are like dominoes.  We start one, and that one forces us to do three related projects… 


p.s. See previous posts in the fireplace saga: I first floated the idea of replacing our furnace with a fireplace almost a year ago, convinced others the idea could work, discovered we’d have to wait out the winter, and finally took the plunge.