Decorating hollowed-out eggs

Sarah invited some friends over last weekend for another fun crafts party.  Sarah’s family has a tradition of decorating hollowed-out eggs, which her 101-year-old great aunt hangs on an Easter egg tree.  Since they’re hollow, the eggs can be saved from year to year, and new ones are added to the collection.  To make your own, wash the eggs with soap and water, use a sterilized needle to carefully poke holes in the tops and bottoms, and gently blow the albumen and yolk into a bowl (you may need to break the yolk with your needle).  Save the egg innards and cook with them.  Sarah made a delicious frittata.  Once your empty egg shells have been rinsed and dried, they’re ready to be decorated.  Use dye, paint, markers, ribbons, sequins, beads, feathers, stickers, and any other accessory you like to decorate the eggs.

Here are some of the finished eggs made at the party:

The Vegas showgirl, feathered-octopus-with-heart-mouth, and plain sequined are among my favorites.

I also really like the one with gold ribbon and googly eyes.  Sarah and her sister didn’t seem to think their great aunt would be hanging it on the tree, but I like the wacky ones.

I experimented by gluing seed beads all over an egg (far left).  It was looking good, but every time I handled it, ting-ting-ting (that’s the sound of beads falling off).  I managed to salvage it by wrapping it carefully in cellophane and using a hot blow dryer to shrink it onto the egg. 

I wonder which ones will make the cut to be showcased on the tree this year.  What a fun tradition.  Thanks for sharing, Sarah!