One resolution


While Matt has a long list of new year resolutions, I have but one.  OK, maybe I have a few other things I’m planning to try to do better this year, but I’m focusing on one very important resolution.  If/when I am successful with this one, it should make it possible for me to tackle other things.  Sleep.  Specifically, Emmett’s sleep.  More specifically, my goal is to be able to put Emmett in his crib and have him go to sleep and stay asleep or go back to sleep on his own without needing to nurse so frequently. 

Our current routine involves me nursing Emmett to sleep in my bed and then either staying in bed with him (I read books, catch up on email or internet on my phone, listen to podcasts, or catch some ZZZs myself) or sneaking out of bed and folding some laundry in the bedroom.  I used to be able to sneak out of the room and go do other things for a couple hours while listening to the baby monitor, but ever since Emmett learned to roll over, I haven’t been able to leave the room for more than a moment.  Now that he can crawl, I can’t even leave for a few seconds because he can wake up and as quickly and silently as a ninja, he can be at the edge of the bed.  A barrier of pillows is no obstacle for him.  So as much as I’ve enjoyed snuggling my sleeping baby and the forced relaxation time for myself, I’ve decided it’s time for Emmett to learn to sleep in his crib.  Since I can’t really get into the crib to nurse him and then sneak away, I need to be able to place him there, either already asleep without waking, or awake with the ability to go to sleep on his own.  My past attempts to nurse him down and then move him have failed; he always wakes up.

The crib is set up in our room.  I’ve read several books and I have a plan in mind, subject to trial and error.  My hope is that in a few weeks (?), Emmett will have a new life skill and I’ll have reclaimed some autonomy.  Wish us luck!