38 weeks

Wow!  9 months always seemed like such a long time, and May was months away… but now it’s here!  We are ready for our baby’s arrival whenever he decides to make his entrance into the world.  There are still things on my various lists (work, baby, house) that I would like to cross off before that, but none of them is critical.  I did have a little bit of anxiety the other night as I was trying to fall asleep - not paying attention to the Rainbow Relaxation (hypnobirthing) recording I usually play at bedtime - but I reminded myself that the important things are already taken care of and I’ll just keep working on the rest and will have to be satisfied with that however it goes.  A small sampling of list items are: narrow down list of names for the baby, get more diapers, (Matt) build diaper changing station in “the nook” (closet-like area in our hallway where the old oil furnace used to be before we switched to a natural gas fireplace as our heating source), install ceiling lights in the kitchen and hallways, install ventilation fan in the kitchen… OK some of these sound important, but we can get by without them just fine if need be.  If we have 2+ weeks, all the better - I believe we can get everything done.  I’m not going to stress about it.  

We have accomplished the important things:

  • childbirth/breastfeeding/newborn class & ongoing hypnobirthing practice at home
  • read some good books about birth, breastfeeding, newborns
  • BabySafe class (preventing common accidents, infant CPR)
  • car seat installation checked
  • accumulated plenty of baby clothes and gear, at least to get started
  • rearranged house to accommodate baby (switched our bedroom to the big one so there’s enough room for us and baby, moved Matt’s home work space into the other bedroom - which involved some electrical and home networking upgrades to that room, plus painting and other improvements)
  • made arrangements for the dogs to be cared for while we’re at the hospital
  • two meetings with our doula
  • birth plan on file with midwives
  • preregistered at hospital childbirth center
  • chose a pediatrician
  • wrapped up my biggest and most important projects at work, including training my replacement (I’m taking 3 months off)

Even the dogs are excited.  Actually, I am very curious what they think.  I believe they know that I am pregnant, as dogs gather a lot of information by scent and can easily determine the reproductive status of another dog.  Some dogs can even detect cancer in people by scent, and service dogs can tell when a diabetic’s blood glucose levels are dropping or when an epileptic person is about to have a seizure. Anyway, I have no doubt they know, but they haven’t changed their behavior around me.  Our vet is pregnant too, and she said her dog seems to be more protective of her.  What will they think when we bring home a new baby?  They have some experience with babies and they’re both well behaved, so I’m not worried about it.  I also bought them some new toys and treats which they will get when the baby arrives so they have positive associations right away, and we’ll continue that type of training - treats and good things appear when baby is around, especially when they are calm.