About Us

We are a couple in our early 30’s (yikes, when did that happen?) living in Seattle, WA.  After graduating from college on opposite coasts in 2002, we both moved to Washington, DC for our first “real jobs,” which happened to be in the same office.  We met, became friends, fell in love, moved to Seattle while planning our wedding (our first big joint DIY project involving many smaller projects - and a success!), and got married in 2004.  Our dream of home ownership (and home DIYship) was put on hold for a few years while we each went back to school for graduate degrees, but we finally made it happen in May 2009.  We managed to do some key renovations (new kitchen counters, sink, dishwasher, washer/dryer, water heater) in the six weeks between our closing and end of the lease on our apartment.  Then we moved in and just kept on renovating.  Our House Projects list is a mile long, and we view these as fun challenges.  We both have full-time jobs, so the magic work/frustration/joy happens on weekends and occasional evenings.  Matt is a civil engineer and Kelly still likes to think of herself as an environmental health scientist although she currently works in another field.

In addition to our house, we enjoy DIYing just about anything we can think of:

  • food: grow, hunt, cook, preserve
  • crafts: sew, print, art, random
  • dogs: gear, training, exercise
  • health: workouts, FAM, random
  • other: programming, creative money-saving, building things, reworking freebies/cheapies

We also like science, outdoorsy activities, watching TV, and our dogs. 

"Like" is much too mild a term for the way we feel about our dogs; it’s more like we’re obsessed with them.  We adopted Max and Sonny in early 2011.  Many people ask if they are brothers, and the answer is no they are not related by blood (Max was abandoned about 900 miles from where Sonny was abandoned or lost and never claimed), but they are both approximately 4-year-old purebred Brittanys.  They get along wonderfully together, and they’re both excellent dogs.

Send us an email anytime!  diynotblog at gmail dot com

-Kelly & Matt

Advertising policy

We have some ads on our sidebar.  As of now, we make virtually no money off these, but maybe some day we will.  In addition, we may occasionally post content including links that could potentially earn us a small commission if people click on them or buy the product.  If a post includes a link containing code that might allow us to make money, we include the tag *link contains affiliate with the post.  Rest assured we will only post about sites or products that we truly believe in and that we think will be of interest to our readers.