Emmett said


Emmett’s favorite words and phrases:

Way far away

Way up there

Emmett no like it this one

Love you (or sometimes, No love you)

Catty [kitty cat]

Garbage truck




Lie-lie [library]

Owie zowie

Tyin’, ice [someone is crying, needs ice (for owie)]

Love it

Emmett big boy

Please, okay?


Emmett says                      translation

Wubbin’ back                       rub my back

Ponano                                tomato

Potato                                  potato 


Emmett is great at learning the names of people and animals! He can name all of his relatives and their pets, all of his classmates and some of their siblings and parents, and our friends and neighbors.


p.s. Matt is working on a BIG project in the backyard. We will share details soon!

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Emmett said

It’s all about the language development these days. Well that, and running - fast - and playing with water, reading books, doing puzzles, and pretending to cook food.

Emmett’s favorite words and phrases:

Ditch digger

Whoo-whoo truck (fire truck)

Dump truck, rumble rumble

Grocery store, PCC

Little one, big one

Emmett run away


Mommy, wake up!

Help you


Dirty, clean it up. Dust pan, clean it up.


This one please

Slug (We saw some big ones on a recent camping trip at Deception Pass, and every morning and night for the next week, Emmett asked to see the pictures of slugs on my phone. Here’s one.)

Chilly day at the beach, still fun!


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Being an egghead with Grandpa. Plastic eggs have gotten a lot of play; they’re still going strong two months after Easter.

Being an egghead with Grandpa. Plastic eggs have gotten a lot of play; they’re still going strong two months after Easter.

Emmett said

Emmett says                      translation

eat-mole                             oatmeal

flower(!)                              flower

pengo                                 penguin

bulldoze-oze-oze                bulldozer


Emmett gathered up a few stray pieces of paper, and I told him we could put them in the recycle bin. He said “recycle bin, recycle bin” all the way to the kitchen. When he got there, Matt was standing right in front of it. Emmett gave Matt’s leg a little push and said “recycle bin, recycle bin, move it.” Matt and I looked at each other and silently cracked up. We don’t know where he learned “move it.”

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Emmett said


Emmett’s current favorite words and phrases:

“Happy birthday!”

“No like it,” “no want it.”

“Run away!” as he runs away, of course.

“Emmett have it,” “Emmett do it.”

“Eat all!”

And here are some of his own special words:

Emmett says           translation

plower*                      flower 

blue-blue                  blueberry

black blue-blue         blackberry

sdobby                      strawberry

hapoop                     (basketball) hoop

zizzy-zow                   ???

No todopadatin’        I am not cooperating

*no longer plellow

I really wish I knew what zizzy-zow means. Usually when I don’t know what he’s saying, I can ask him about it and he’ll find a way to get me to understand. When he says zizzy-zow, and I ask about it, I get a blank stare. Maybe it’s just a fun word to say. It makes me think of the song Zou Bisou Bisou from Mad Men and then the song gets stuck in my head.


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2 years old

He’s two years old, and life with Emmett gets more fun every day. We love this boy to pieces.

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Emmett said

Emmett half-woke during his nap and said very clearly and loudly, “Knife! Cut! Knife! Cut!” with his eyes closed. It would have been rather disturbing, had he not spent half the morning doing this: 





Emmett said


Emmett and I were reading the book “Baby Sea Otter” by Betty Tatham. We had the following conversation.

Mommy: Look, do you see the mommy and baby sea otters?

Emmett: [Pointing] Mommy. Baby.

Mommy: Yes, the mommy sea otter and the baby sea otter.

Emmett: Poop!

Mommy: Do the sea otters go poop?

Emmett: Poop! Poop! Poop!

Mommy: Yes, all animals go poop. Otters poop in the water.

Emmett: [Pointing to a brown rock sticking out of the water] Poop!

Mommy: Is that the poop? I think that’s a rock.

Emmett: [Slightly disappointed] Rock.

Maybe I should have let him think it was poop.


Emmett said


Emmett says     translation

blella                   umbrella

lellow                   yellow

yellow                  yoga

plellow                 flower

I can offer no explanation for yellow.


Edit: Emmett can say a lot of words very well, including some surprising ones: shampoo, Sonny, plant. Others take some deciphering. Last night Emmett was eating dinner, and Matt and I were pretending to steal his food. Emmett repeatedly pointed to Matt saying “tobby.” We had no idea. Finally Emmett went into the kitchen and pointed to the coffee machine. He wanted Matt to drink coffee. Emmett got the idea the other day when I was trying to eat his breakfast, and he would tell me “ding” (drink) and point to my coffee cup. As in, this is my food, that is yours, stick to your own. If it worked at breakfast, why not dinner. When we replied that we only drink coffee in the morning, Emmett suggested beer. Yep.

Emmett said


I’m so excited that Emmett’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds every day. I just love it when he can express himself through words instead of relying on vague gestures.

I’m going to start cataloging some of the interesting things he says, mostly for us to remember later. 

One of Emmett’s favorite words right now is “home.” It has many meanings. It can mean that we are home. It can also mean “go home.” For instance, if one of Emmett’s friends at school has a toy he wants and won’t share, he says “home!” with a gesture that they should go away. He also points out the window to indicate that someone has gone home, such as a friend or relative who was visiting. Once we were at the park and a little girl wanted Emmett’s toy. With a very distressed look on his face, he told her “bye-bye, bye-bye.” Soon I’m sure he will learn the phrase “go away,” but for now he gets his message across in a cuter way. Also when he’s being a bit rude by repeating “home, home” to our guests who just arrived, I can forget to tell them that he means “go home.”